Take a look at this lovely BEFORE & AFTER of a 7x14x7 enclosed trailer

Take a look at this lovely BEFORE & AFTER of a 7x14x7 enclosed trailer

Keep your work space looking clean. No need to clean up everyday since debris & dust will stay tucked under our tiles. Every now & then a quick shop vac  is all you need. Extremely quick & EZ installation! This one was completed in exactly 18 minutes.

In the winter months or on rainy days Eztiles keeps your surface safer to walk on. Allowing the snow, slush & water to make its way underneath the tile rather then stay on top of its surface.

Remember when quoting a job or if your simply on the job FIRST IMPRESSIONS are always key SO WHY NOT show off your work space & let your clients or future clients know how credible and professional you are!

Personalize your space with our 13 colours to choose from. Make it match with your logo or simply choose your favourite Colours. EZTILES will also add life & comfort to your work space.

Keep your knees feeling young with our anti-fatigue properties Eztiles are a wonder to walk on. Making your long days not feel so long.

Eztiles are extremely durable and made from the highest quality materials. Our flooring will last! Your investment will be safe & sound. Our best feature is probably the fact that you can simply snap off your Eztiles the day you wish to sell your trailer. Making your investment cost efficient. If not you can always sell them with your trailer & +++ value to your sale.

Interested in transforming your space? Please reach out to us today! It will be a pleasure to offer a free quote & design!

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