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Why choose EZTILES modular flooring over an epoxy flooring?

When it comes to choosing a flooring of premium surfacing to cover your concrete garage, the most widely known solution is epoxy. Why? Epoxy coatings are known to be durable, attractive, and they’re relatively easy to clean. But the question is are they really the best option for your garage or concrete floor? Is it as durable as they say it is? See why so many people are choosing EZTILES over an epoxy flooring.

More freedom

Epoxy floors may be attractive, but they don't really allow for much design freedom. Our EZ-Classic tiles feature a distinguishing, two-tone look and come in 13 colors that can be further customized and accented with our EZ-Pro line (Full tile) look, and custom graphics or logos tiles for practically unparalleled design freedom. We even offer the possibility to customize your own color of choice for your tiles.

EZTILES flooring trap dust, dirt & grime

EZtiles Ez-Classic tiles stand 0.71" nearly ¾” above the surface and feature a perforated, flow-through design that hides dust, dirt, and grime. Basically, with Eztiles, your floor STAYS CLEAN LONGER WITH LESS MAINTANCE. No more tracking dirt and grime into the house. No more weekly cleanings.


Coated surfaces are great until you drop a heavy tool on them, or the concrete under them cracks, or hot tires cause them to peel or fade in the sunlight. Nothing worse than spending all this money on a flooring and having to open your wallet to spend more on having a professional repair it. That’s if it can even be repair and if it can, will the repair be visible. On the other hand, EZtiles cover your floor, hide any cracks, and feature an interlocking mechanism to easily replace individual tiles if needed. Its as EZ as 1-2-3.

Non-puddling & slip-resistant

One of the biggest complaints we received from clients who went with an epoxy flooring and then switched to EZtiles is how slippery epoxy garage floors are when wet. The innovative, perforated design of EZ-Classic tiles solves this problem by allowing water and other fluids to pass through to its channeling system.

Safer quicker & Ez-install

Most importantly, you don't need to subject your family to the chemicals and fumes used in the epoxy coating process. Neither do you need to rent a container to empty your garage to allow proper time and space to install your epoxy flooring. Laying an EZtiles garage flooring is a relatively easy DIY project that takes hours, not days and requires no special training, no harsh chemicals, and no need to empty your entire garage.

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Better long-term value

An Eztiles floor is less expensive than a professionally installed epoxy floor and that is if you don’t fall on a so-called epoxy flooring professional. These days many people claim to know how to install epoxy flooring. The main advantage of EZtiles is you don’t need to worry who you’re buying from since our product uses the highest quality materials and each tile will deliver the same premium protection and durability. Let alone all the other benefits - how much longer it will last, how EZ it is to replace tiles, how you can take it with you if you move making our product highly cost efficient… and many more.

The Ez-Team

Best of all, when you buy from EZtiles, you'll be working with people who are dedicated about garage flooring. Our team can help you select the right tile for your project, develop designs and answer all your questions until you’re 100% satisfied.