Frequently asked questions

What happens when the tiles are full of dirt and debris?

Our flooring system offers unparalleled convenience making maintenance quick and easy, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Each tile can be lifted and cleaned individually, targeting high traffic areas effortlessly. Utilize a shop vac to swiftly remove most dirt and debris under the tiles, ensuring straightforward upkeep. Furthermore, our tiles, nearly 3/4 inch thick, maintain their great appearance even with dirt underneath. Many of our satisfied customers find that a spring cleaning once a year with a pressure washer, removing tiles in strips of three, makes maintenance a breeze. Say goodbye to frequent cleaning and hello to hassle-free upkeep with our exceptional flooring system.

Why is EzTiles modular flooring easier to maintain than epoxy flooring?

While epoxy flooring might seem easier to clean at first glance, EzTiles modular flooring offers several compelling advantages:

        1.      Hides Dirt and Debris: The design of Eztiles flooring allows dirt and debris to fall through the gaps, making the surface look cleaner for longer. With epoxy, dirt is always visible and requires frequent cleaning.
        2.      Easy Spot Cleaning: If a spill or stain occurs, you can easily lift and clean individual areas of the tiles without needing to clean the entire floor. Epoxy requires you to clean the entire affected area.
        3.      Ventilation and Drainage: EzTiles provide ventilation and drainage, preventing water, oil, or other liquids from pooling on the surface. This reduces the risk of slipping and the growth of mold and mildew, which can be more difficult to manage with epoxy.
        4.      Simple Replacement: If a tile is stained or damaged beyond cleaning, you can quickly replace just that tile. With epoxy, repairing damage often means refinishing the entire area, which is time-consuming and costly.
        5.      Durability: EzTiles are resistant to staining and wear, meaning they maintain their appearance longer without intensive cleaning routines. Bye Bye Hot tire marks!
        6.      Comfort and Safety: EzTiles offer a non-slip surface and are more comfortable underfoot, reducing fatigue during cleaning activities.

These features make EzTiles modular flooring a practical, time-saving, and aesthetically pleasing choice over traditional epoxy flooring.

Can I install EzTiles by myself or must a professional do the installation?

Yes, EzTiles is easily and quickly installed by the end user. They simply snap together without the need of any tools. If you wish you may use a rubber mallet however it is not necessary. This is the added beauty over doing epoxy amongst many other disadvantages.

Does EzTiles become slippery when wet?

EzTiles is designed for wet areas. It has perforations and drainage system which allows water to quickly flow through the tile leaving a clean, dry, and safe surface.

Will the color of EzTiles fade and are they slippery?

No, EzTiles are fade-resistant due to our UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant and non-slip.

Are EzTiles able to withstand a car jack?

Our EzTiles are built to withstand a considerable amount of weight. Depending on the weight of the vehicle, we may suggest using a rigid piece of material or ¾ inch plywood between the jack stand and tile to distribute the weight to eliminate any possible damage. Even thou they can with stand 70000lbs of roll overweight and 3120psi of compression tests if the weight is totally distributed to one area the tile may crack.

Can EzTiles be cut for a custom fit?

Yes, EzTiles can be easily cut using any type of electrical saw with a fine-toothed blade (table saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw etc.) to your specific installation needs.

Can I remove a single tile from the middle of the floor without removing the entire floor?

Yes, the easiest way to remove a single tile from the middle of an EzTiles flooring without removing the entire floor is to simply use our EzTiles floor removal tool to pry up the tile from its locking system and lift the tile out. If you don't have the Removal tool the next best option is a slotted (curved) Flat Head screwdriver.

Can a heavy toolbox roll over easily?

Yes, toolboxes can roll with ease over Eztiles.

Are EzTiles comfortable to walk on?

Yes, the channel system underneath our tiles allows them to have “bounce” providing anti-fatigue properties. Companies even use them in their facilities as flooring to provide comfort when standing for hours at a time.

Are EzTiles resistant to oils and chemicals?

EzTiles are resistant to almost everything except for battery acid. Make sure to keep away from direct heat sources such as butane torches.

Can EzTiles be installed over heated flooring?

Yes, EzTiles can resist temperatures of up to 120 degrees celcius.